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Practice Abstract Reasoning Test with Explanations

Solution Abstract reasoning tests your ability to identify patterns presented in diagrammatic form and thus not dependent on your level of education or cultural background. They are said to test general intelligence including the ability to learn innovative or new information.

Most tests will offer some sample questions with answers, and then some practice questions to which answers will also be furnished.

Here are some questions which are typical of the sorts of questions you might be asked. In an actual test, they would be timed. Remember Abstract Reasoning tests demonstrate your generalintelligence and ability to learn new things quickly, so real tests have strict time limits.

This one has no time limit. Its aim is to familiarise you with the type of questions, not to test your ability. the answers and explanation can be found at the end of the test

Practice_Abstract_Reasoning_Test_1_-_with_explanations.pdf Practice_Abstract_Reasoning_Test_1_-_with_explanations.pdf

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